Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Final Crew ----- Around Oahu

I think we have settled in the final race crew after some recent changes. Besides me and Ulli as skipper and navigator there are George Neill, Larry Wright, Howard Green and Chris Doutre as crew.

On another subject; Dan and I changed the engine oil and filter, and the primary fuel filter a week or so ago and decided to sail around Oahu last weekend as a sort of "shakedown cruise". (Good thing, because the little fuel filter on the engine, that I had inspected but not changed, plugged up and had to be replaced to get the engine running again.)

We had a great time. Started out at 10:00 am, Saturday in light air and voggy conditions. (That's "volcano fog" for you non Hawaiians.) We motor sailed down to the Molokai channel, where we were able to put up a 3/4 oz. chute for a six hour run, all the way to Ko Olina. Because of the vog we were barely able to see Diamond Head as we went by, and soon after Oahu disappeared until almost sunset. We had to moter sail again to get to Ka'ena Point. Then it was a windy starboard tack past Turtle Point and a port tack to home. Finished in 24 hours almost exactly. Great sail. Starting to get ichy for the delivery to start.

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