Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dan Langford

My name is Daniel Langford from Indianapolis Indiana. I never grew up with the ocean just outside my front door. It has always seemed to be this mythical place people talk about seeing or visiting but, never really do. Well, since I joined the Navy 8 years ago Uncle Sam has saw fit to put me in the middle of the Pacific. As ironic as it seems I have been making up for lost time. I have been sailing the coastal waters of Oahu for the last 6 years. I am a member of Pearl Harbor Yacht Club. I am a crew member for Mr Blackburn on "Addiction", a J-105 out of Ala Wai harbor, and for Mr. Reed on "Bloodhound" out of Kaneohe Marine Core base. At one time I even owned an Islander 37 named "Via Army" out of Keehi Lagoon. I spend most of my free time racing around on Lasers and 420s in Pearl Harbor and am learning all I can from the younglings that have grown up here. This trip to San Fransisco will be my first ocean crossing and am hoping to take in all that I can. I don't expect an easy ride but, I know it will be an experience I won't soon forget.


Bill said...

Just testing the comments feature to see if it also emails to sailmail.

Anonymous said...

Damn your hot! I want to have your kids! Enjoy your family reunion!