Sunday, July 13, 2008


Shocking news on Saturday morning: the batteries can't be charged by the engine! Translation: no charging --> no racing!

Batteries and the rest of the electrical system were checked at the recent haulout at the boatyard, and all passed with flying colors. Back at the dock shore power was applied and all was fine. But good skippers have the strange habit of double-checking everything, and thereby Bill noticed that the engine won't charge the batteries, although he couldn't see anything wrong. It is Saturday noon, the mandatory skippers meeting coming up, and we need to get going. Boatyards wouldn't open till Monday. But because our start is on Tuesday, a tiny little bit of hope is left that we might get a replacement for that broken alternator, or whatever might have failed, and might get it installed. But maybe not.

Well, it helps to have a friend with a marine electrics and electronics business. Michael came out on Sunday morning at 8am(!) and fixed the problem in no time (only a bad connection; but you have to find it first). Phew! That seemed like a close call.

So, if your electric/electronic stuff on the boat is acting up, give Michael of Pardee Marine,LLC a call at 1-510-282-7282, or send him an email at michael @ Mahalo to Michael for his quick and competent support!



Klärchen&Wolfgang said...

Hallo scout Ulli,
da habt Ihr noch einmal Glück gehabt.
Wir wünschen Euch einen guten Start
ohne weitere Zwischenfälle.
Du bist offensichtlich gut über den großen Teich gekommen.
Viel Gück wünschen


Anonymous said...

Halloechen all,
da das mit Wolfgangs Kommentar ja nun geklappt hat, wünsch ich euch auch einen guten Start. Mast und Schotbruch!Wie wärs denn, wenn ihr Michael gleich mit an Bord nehmt..hihi..Also, tolles Wetter, guten Wind und gutes Essen wünscht Rositha

Anonymous said...

Holy moly - that's a close call - Good luck tomorrow!

Silas & Edie

Eva said...

almost breaking out in a sweat with you and the rest of the crew!
Have a great trip, we'll follow you via the arm-chair style! I'll open the Buxbeutel when you hit the 1/2-way mark!
Eva a. Milton