Friday, March 14, 2008

Sailing Resume - Larry Wright

He was introduced to sailing by his grandfather at the age of 2. He has owned 5 sailboats starting with a 19’ Lightning at the age of 14. He has continually owned and raced these boats since that time.

His current boat is an Express 37 which is a well known racer/cruiser with an active One Design Fleet in the San Francisco Bay area. The Express 37 has a PHRF rating of 72 and sails well to that rating in both Bay and Ocean Handicap Racing. He purchased a 3.5 year old Express 37 in December of 1988 and named it Spindrift V (Spindrift being the name of his Grandfather’s sailboat).

Dates and Events:

EX 37 One Design racing on SF Bay. 12 to 15 races per year in winds usually up to 30+ knots. Occasional spectacular spinnaker wipeouts the penalty for a moments inattention. The class addition of the new elliptical rudder design in 2000 has improved this situation. Runner up to the season champion in 3 of these years.
Moved to Tahoe in 2000 which made participation in the One Design racing schedule impractical except for special events.

At the same time as racing one design series on SF Bay also participated in the ocean series (OYRA) 6-9 Ocean races per year. To make room for other activities in our life limited Ocean Series after 1995 to selected races to allow time to participate and support the One Design Bay races.

Annual Vallejo Race with the Express 37 fleet

Clipper cup race SF to Monterey – Double handed with George N.

Clipper cup SF to Monterey - Crewed

Labor day weekend race to Santa Cruz – “Windjammer” – Only missed one year due to daughter’s wedding.

Double handed Farallones races with George Neill – weather permitting

Double handed Lightship races with George Neill – weather permitting

1996 -2007
3 Delta Ditch runs to Stockton in this time - the last one in 2007.

Stockton South Tower race (200 miles within the bay)

St Francis Big boat Series in September. Since 1990 the Express 37 fleet has been invited to participate in this 4 day high profile series. Best finish – 2nd. Participated in all races except one.

1989 - 2007
Either sail the Golden Gate or Corinthian Mid Winter series.
Additional 2005 Cruised from Zihuatanejo to Puerta Vallarta on a 40’ ketch

Sailing Strengths
1. Experienced downwind spinnaker helmsman in light air to maximize velocity made good to the mark during day or night. I have the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. (For reference I just completed a 7,500 mile solo auto trip to the East Coast and back to visit my children and in one 2,000 mile stretch I completed it in 3 days)
2. Experienced downwind spinnaker helmsman in heavy air keeping the boat under the spinnaker while keeping the boat headed for the mark day or night. My helmsmanship has been described by those below trying to eat or sleep in these conditions as “smooth”. My miles at sea and finishing all San Francisco Ocean races under spinnaker through the Golden Gate wind funnel has sharpened these skills. Even double handed George Neill and I have developed the double handed spinnaker jibing technique for successful jibes in 30 knots of wind often experienced at the South Tower.
3. Judgment – In some conditions of high winds and confused seas it is more prudent to wing out a jib than to try and control an uncontrollable spinnaker. I have used this technique to put miles on my competition. The decision as to when to put the spinnaker back up is also important
4. Experienced up wind helmsman in all wind ranges
5. Sail trim
6. Tactical experience in steady as well as changing conditions.
7. Back up navigation if required or desired.

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