Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jan Saukko

My husband, Chuck and I live in Everett, Washington, on our Catalina 42, 'Wind Watcher' which we purchased in May 2004. I lived with him on his 35 wooden sloop 'Entropy' for about 4 years. We had our honeymoon on a 3 masted sailing ship crusing the South Indies. We love to cruise the Puget Sound & San Juan Islands. We usually anchor out for New Year's Eve, and 2 years in a row came home thru a gale! I enjoy fishing, and crabbing. Chuck and I are certified SCUBA divers, have our ham licenses, have first aid cards, and have taken the 'primo' sail repair class from Carol Hasse in Port Townsend. In 2 to 3 years, we plan to retire, cut the dock lines and head south, see where the wind blows us. I am looking forward to crewing on the 'Cirrus'. It will be my first ocean crossing and I plan to be a sponge to soak up every bit of education and experience that I can.

Chuck Jensen

I grew up on Coronado Island in San Diego but spent all my time surfing. I didn’t really get into sailing till I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I started sailing Flying Junior, Hobie Cats, Sol Cats, and Lasers. In the early 80,s I bought a 24 foot Cascade then moved up to a 35 ft wooden sloop which I lived on for 10 years. I met my wife, Jan, who moved on board with me. After 4 years, we moved ashore for 10 years. Realizing living on land was not for me, we bought and moved aboard a Catalina 42. We are currently outfitting this boat for extended cruising.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dan Langford

My name is Daniel Langford from Indianapolis Indiana. I never grew up with the ocean just outside my front door. It has always seemed to be this mythical place people talk about seeing or visiting but, never really do. Well, since I joined the Navy 8 years ago Uncle Sam has saw fit to put me in the middle of the Pacific. As ironic as it seems I have been making up for lost time. I have been sailing the coastal waters of Oahu for the last 6 years. I am a member of Pearl Harbor Yacht Club. I am a crew member for Mr Blackburn on "Addiction", a J-105 out of Ala Wai harbor, and for Mr. Reed on "Bloodhound" out of Kaneohe Marine Core base. At one time I even owned an Islander 37 named "Via Army" out of Keehi Lagoon. I spend most of my free time racing around on Lasers and 420s in Pearl Harbor and am learning all I can from the younglings that have grown up here. This trip to San Fransisco will be my first ocean crossing and am hoping to take in all that I can. I don't expect an easy ride but, I know it will be an experience I won't soon forget.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

To Do List

as of May 18, 2008:
Description Order Status Cost Sign off
dry ice 1
propane 1
fill fuel tanks 1
flush and fill water tanks 1

Insurance 1 sent email 2500
provision 1

Put galley equipment aboard 1 Good start

Schedule inspection and do dry run 1

tighten shrouds - trim rig 1 done but not finished

Clean galley, under stove, etc. 2 started

new spring for oven door 2 Seaward 562-699-7997

Put printer on board / paper 2

check out auto emergency start unit 3

Clean up spare water pumps 3 in progress

Spare fuel pump 3

Winch - Check main halyard 3.5

Check spare alternator 4 progress

Check spare regulator 4




New chafing gear for spinnaker guys done
110 16-May-08
paint over "Mortage Group" done
5 16-May-08
trim alternator bushing done

10" hack saw with blades done
30 14-May-08
Longer dock line done
40 14-May-08
new bungee cords for running backs done
10 14-May-08
Repair stickey stove gimbals done put keeper across slot
service knotmeter sensors done
3 14-May-08
reinforce bench for tie down done

3 more engine fuel filters done
20 12-May-08
another oil filter done have two 10 12-May-08
Spinnaker fence repair done

masthead and bow lights (and spares) done some new wiring / 4 spare bulbs
more primary fuel filters done have four 20 10-May-08
Purchase 8 diesel jerry cans done
160 1-May-08
Put celestial navigation aboard done decided NOT to take it
Re-certify Liferaft done
950 25-Apr-08
Re-certify Man overboard Module done

Satellite 406 EPIRB done Reg.Exp.Date 09/10/08 vsl:Cirrus ADCE0209B900C01 Serial#8814 Date:9609 Battery must be replaced by 3/2008
New sock bags done 1 new one with Pineapple 1.5
Mount knife in cockpit done Folding knife?
New 1.5 oz. from Pineaapple done Ordered Oct 07 7000 15-Apr-08
Repair sock bag? done
100 15-Apr-08
Winch - Service BIG stbd and port done
200 10-Apr-08
Fire extinguishers done New last year
Reset Link 10s done

Gasket for switches done Use foam tape?
winch plate and cutting board done
100 20-Mar-08
New sun protection on jib. done
1021 12-Mar-08
Clean cockpit done

Lube main sail slides done

Valve in holding tank breather done
??? 8-Mar-08
furling line is in two pieces on the drum done

Winch - Service stbd topping lift done

Gasket for instruments done

RADAR - New reflector done
85 1-Mar-08
FCC License renew done
160 1-Jan-08
Yacht Registration done
155 1-Jan-08
Remove wind vane ring from wheel done

Send instruments for repair 11-sep-07 Ken 954-229-2460, 5-oct-07 Jake 954-229-0208 ? Tried to call 7-nov-07 done Hornet 4 Sailing Monitor Plus 3 displays: 1. wind speed, 2. wind direction, 3. magnified wind direction 208 13-Nov-07
New propane solenoid done Complete new duplicate unit. Old unit retained as spare. 187 9-Nov-07
Replace engine ignition and start switch done New single unit with key. 38 9-Nov-07
Heat gun for boat done

New starter switch done All in one key switch 15 8-Nov-07
New foam filter for Yanmar done
44 7-Nov-07
0.75 oz. spinnaker done North Sails - repair 1256 25-Oct-07
Toilet seat hinge repair done
30 24-Oct-07
New fenders done POP 100 9-Oct-07
Repair autopilot remote (wireless?) done Raymarine 800-539-5539 ST6001+ Control unit Course Computer 400G AST 11/07/01 -278 Added new wired - $250 & wireless - $500 remotes 750 8-Oct-07
Hinge on cooler done new screws, epoxy 5 1-Oct-07
0.5 oz. spinnaker done dumpster
Renew shackle inventory done Some 150 10-Sep-07
Bring printer home done

floor board insert done
3 1-Sep-07
New tools done needle nose vice grip, side cutters 30 1-Sep-07
Nut driver set done Where is it??? 20 1-Sep-07
Plastic cover for removed fittings done Plastic class 5 1-Sep-07
Pull knot sensors done

Remains of old 1.5 oz. spinnaker done Gave it to Valerie
Remove doger parts from fwd done

Remove fwd bench & hot water tank done

Remove water jerry cans from boat done

Shackle for boom brake done
30 1-Sep-07
Traveler - bent blocks done ok for now
New spinnaker guy + repairs done Art Nelson 685 24-Aug-07
New spinnaker halyard - port done Art Nelson 236 2-Aug-07
purchase cookie sheet for oven drips done
Paint topside and bottom later

RADAR - New mount? later Current mount is in front of stay and dome is behind stay. Dome is 24". Could be in front of stay.

Spare jib halyard wire to rope joint later watch

Worn spinnaker halyard U bolts later At top of mast - ok for now

Hinge on propane locker skip

New final block on furling line ? skip

New jib sheet fairleads skip for now

Service stbd spinnaker halyard winch w-done New mounting bolts 20 20-Oct-07
Service port jib sheet winch w-done Lewmar 50 - Self tailing - stiff powels 20 10-Oct-07

Sum of listed expenses 17121