Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anti-Klabautermann measures effective immediately!

Would anyone really believe that a "rumbling" and "noise making" creature is helping the sailors, when at the same time we have seen on multiple Pacific Cups on Cirrus what damage this guy can do? No Valerie, I believe you accessed the "politically correct" version of Wikipedia, valid only in California :->. Maybe our German readers can find out more about Klabautermann?

However, we do take advice from our readers seriously, and in particular I found that Valerie's suggestion of carving a face into the mast was a really good one. If it has helped in the past, why not now and in the future? So I took hammer, chisel and drill and began to work on the mast. You won't believe what happened: the skipper stopped me in my doing after only a few holes drilled into the mast! I had to resort to Plan B and painted a face on the mast, using our good-for-everything-red-tape.
I am attaching a picture; Klabautermann is the LEFT face, the right one is mine.
But taking advice from the readers is clearly taking advantage of outside help, and this post must be kept absolutely secret and hidden from the race committee!

Mahalo for the tip, and Aloha,


Valerie said...

OK - Ulli caught me out -- here is the rest of the Wikipedia entry:

"More recently, the Klabautermann is sometimes described as having more sinister attributes, and blamed for things that go wrong on the ship. This incarnation of the Klabautermann is more demon- or goblin-like, prone to play pranks and, eventually, doom the ship and her crew. This deterioration of image probably stems from sailors, upon returning home, telling stories of their adventures at sea. Since life at sea can be rather dull, all creatures - real, mythical, and in between - eventually became the centre of rather ghastly stories."
Did you do the picture before or after the spinnaker guy disappeared?
The picture is wonderful but no signs of the yellow slicker and/or the pipe. Maybe more of a self-portrait?
Both pictures very very clear and wonderful.

Valerie said...

This just in....
Cirrus' reference to Klbautermann on the blog is #4 on Google when you search for Klabautermann. Such instant fame!

Anonymous said...

A sailor AND and artist? Wow, now I'm really impressed! Jan