Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Memory of Jo Schnetzler

It is a very solemn day in Santa Cruz today. Our good friend and sailing buddy, Jo Schnetzler, passed away a week ago. Today, Jo's wife, Valerie, along with Jo's friends and family, have gathered aboard a small fleet and sailed out of Santa Cruz Harbor to scatter Jo's ashes, and to remember him. Here, aboard Cirrus, we cast a lone carnation into the vast Pacific, and we remembered Jo with a special log entry:

6/20/2008; 1130.
30-34 N
137-24 W
For Jo.

Fair winds, Jo.
Chris Doutre


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Cirrus, for the beautiful tribute. It's wonderful that, though you are surely very busy with the race, you were able to take the time to honor a fellow sailor and friend.

Anonymous said...

We missed you, Chris, at the gathering yesterday. I know that had you been in Santa Cruz, True North would have joined the solemn procession of boats following Heartbeat in honor of Jo.

Take Care, Diana