Saturday, July 19, 2008

Elizabeth's "Wonder Window" exclusive Dodger Designs

Yet another plug for the dodger we are so happy with.

When I canvassed the local North Bay marine canvas workers for an emergency dodger cover for the Pacific Cup race I got the cold shoulder. I was told that 6 months was "maybe", 6 weeks "forget it", and 6 days "ridiculous". That is, until I spoke to Elisabeth at Durrant Designs. She has a small shop on the second floor of a tiny little old house in the KKMI Boatyard. Phone: 510-325-7501. Email:

She listened to my plight and said, "Let's get to work."

At first, I specified just a solid piece of fabric in order to speed up the process. When my crew insisted on a window Elizabeth took it in stride. In fact she was smiling. Little did I know. I was about to receive a "Wonder Window". There is fabric on the top and sides but you do not see it because it is edge on from the wheel. The window is a HUGE wraparound, and from the wheel it looks like there is no dodger there.

The experienced downwind sailors in my crew think that the design of the dodger is worth at least one knot of boat speed.


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