Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cirrus on Day 7

It was a rather mellow night and day, with low wind speeds, low waves, a sun shining from a mostly blue sky, although a bit hazy, and so we were oozing along. Low wind is not what Cirrus likes, and so it was not a big surprise that we got bumped to #3 in division, and overall also one position down. The standings among the Hawaiian boats hasn't changed; there we are still leading. We surely hope for better winds, but the grib files are not overly encouraging.
If you are interested in the weather, click on the weather chart on the blog site (right column), and look in the bottom right corner of the chart. A hurricane, in the meantime downgraded to a tropical storm, is coming from Mexico and aiming at us. Likely, however, it will have dissipated before it reaches us.
No big things happened today. We initiated a jibe in the night, and after all people needed were woken up, had geared up and were on deck, the wind shifted by 25 degrees, and the jibe was canceled! We jibed a few hours later. No boats or ships seen today, no wildlife except for a little flying fish who had landed on our deck - surprisingly I have not yet seen a single flying fish gliding over the water - and wind and waves remain low. Right now a rain shower is passing in the distance and we get a little wind from it (but no rain). So we ended the day in "Tina's Diner" with delicious Braised Beef in Red Wine sauce with mushrooms and mashed potatoes.
You know that this Pacific Cup has a Limerick contest among all boats, and here is our work of fine art, which we presented today during Children's Hour on the radio:

Cirrus, the old gal of the ocean,
Still fills the boys with the notion
She can fly down a wave,
Respond to a save,
And thrill the whole crew with her motion

Aloha, Ulli

position: July 22, 2008 2048 PDT, lat:28N01.2, lon:143w37.3, cog250M, sog7.5kn


Anonymous said...

Hi, You guys are doing great! I've been bragging about you to all my friends! Cute Limerick! Jan

Valerie said...

Save your best limerick (probably needs to find a way to reference Klaubatermann) for when you get here: Scheduled at KYC, every afternoon, at 17:03 hours (OK, 5 p.m.), if there have been new boat finishes, there will be the new “1703 Follies”. Each finisher will be challenged to present a limerick that best describes their race, boat, crew or that of some other boat they have “learned to love”.
The winner for each day will win a prize AND the right to demand a “settling of scores” with another yacht on the El Toro Race course Thursday afternoon. The overall winner will also present their limerick at the Awards Ceremony to receive the much-deserved accolades from fellow racers.

Not to worry about light winds - Cirrus will kick butt if the wind stops completely. And we love you all regardless.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! What rhymes with Klaubatermann?
I think you've already done a limerick that rhymes "Cirrus" with "fear us," right?

Anonymous said...

I just heard this one on Monday...

There once was a guy named Lou,
whose limericks end on line two.

Unknown said...

to change the subject...although I love the limerick comments and think that the crew can use all the help they can get...

This morning: Position in fleet -
Cirrus 17
California Girl 23

Anonymous said...

Some of Skipper Bill's quotes as heard by the delivery crew:

"I don't know if it is the right thing to do, but, it seems like the best thing to do at the moment."

"The boat is moving nicely, but in the wrong direction."

"If I don't answer right away . . . it means I'm thinking."

"That reminds me, I have a hammer joke. I'll save it for dinner."

"I like going fast, but this feels good too."

"I personally was born at almost the perfect moment. I wouldn't mind living to 110."

"We'll just aim for San Francisco and hope for the best."


Unknown said...

Further on the limerick:

The more I read it, the more I like it.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Papa,

Glückwünsche zum Halbweges-Rekord! Ansonsten hoffen wir mal das auch weiterhin no big things happen - zumindest die von der unerfreulichen Sorte. Ein paar Fotos von dicken geangelten Fischen fänd ich aber super!
Toi toi toi, das ihr noch zwei Plätze gut macht!
Kuss, Sylvia