Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cirrus on Day 9

And yet another mellow day with hot sun in cloudy sky and moderate wind. But it had its edges, particularly during the rain showers. We only got a little drizzle on the boat, but they brought some good wind with them. And wind shifts, so we had to jibe a few times. We are getting a lot better and faster at it. The waves are also getting bigger and make driving a bit more demanding and, particularly in the hot conditions, exhausting.
Standings are largely unchanged, still 3rd in division, and 1st among the Hawaiian boats. But the low distance traveled in the light wind took its toll in the drop in overall ranking. We hope for some wilder conditions.
Today we were at Cosco's Diner. The food was, hum, good. No, really. Barbecued Beef with ... oh you guessed it already. By the way: I noticed that the chef in all the places we were eating looked very similar, and quite like Chris from our crew!
No boat or ship, no wildlife seen for the last three days, except for another little fellow, who looked pretty dried out to me.
I guess you have noticed our post with a video from our half way party? If not, look below.

Aloha, Ulli

P.S.: Happy Birthday, Petra :=>

position: July 24, 2008, 2041 PDT, lat 26n18, lon 148w58, cog 210M, sog 7.5 kn


Anonymous said...

Hallo Ulli !!

Wir hoffen ihr kommt weiterhin so gut voran!Wir wünschen euch, dass ein kräftiger Wind euch stets begleitet!

Hoffentlich könnt ihr bald mal angeln, dann kann der Küchenchef euch etwas neues "zaubern"!

Viele Grüße aus Wolfsburg!

Schiff ahoi!

Karl und Trudi

Anonymous said...

Hello Cirrus!

What a great video!
Ihr seht gar nicht abgemagert aus hehe also wird das Essen ja nicht so schlimm sein!

Enjoy the rest of the trip-hopefully with some good wind!!! We are eager to see what place your ship makes!

viele Grüße aus good old Germany!!!

Melanie und Katja

Anonymous said...

Hello Cirrus-Crew,

just writing to tell you that Rositha arrived in Oahu, waiting for you to get there safely.

She's hoping for good winds for you!

Melanie and Jun

Anonymous said...

So glad you like the can-TINA. Great video, but where are ALL the PFD's? Have you considered creating an award for the crew with the most experience. There was a Transpac crew that Latitdue 38 had a big deal about. Women sailors won't even consider disclosing their ages but you guys should be very proud of yourselves. Enjoy the fresh water squall rinses. I'm with you in Spirit, Tina Crabtree

Anonymous said...

Hi scout Ulli,
Euer Video von Bord ist wirklich eine
große Sache. Eine technische Meisterleistung.Wir waren sehr begeistert.We cross our fingers dass
der wind auffrischt und euch in der
Reihenfolge etwas nach vorne schiebt.
How about asking Herrn Klabautermann
for help, he is now member of the crew, as I understand.There is not
much time left.
Klärchen & Wolfgang