Wednesday, June 4, 2008

04 JUN 08

0600, 4 June 2008, 26N51, 154W33, C030M, S6.2, sailing with one reef still in and 115% jib. Apparent wind 19 kt.

San Francisco 1746 Nm, Kaneohe 367 Nm

Boy, talk about classic squall activity. Somewhere around midnight, with Tina on watch, the wind ramped up from it's background value of 20 kt to just over 30 with pounding rain. That will get your attention!

Then the wind dropped under 10 kt, almost tempting us to start the engine, before settling back to 20 kt. Cirrus, of course, took it all in stride.

That's about it. The crew was treated to another in the on going series of mini celestial navigation by the skipper. No one fell asleep this time.

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