Saturday, June 14, 2008

On-shore crew: Bernard grosse Piening

I am happy to announce a new addition to Cirrus' on-shore crew : As we all know, you can't let a Hi-Tec boat such as Cirrus go on the water without computer servers humming ashore, and without a proper, fully staffed IT department. Bernard will be that department; he is in the process of taking over from me. This will make sure that also during the race the blog stays clean and shiny, all blog posts -wherever they may go, sigh- will be faithfully restored to the main site, Cirrugator, Demo and tracking charts will be updated, and whatever requests may come up will be worked on. His Linux-savvyness will prove helpful for the more exotic tasks.

Since he does not have much experience in boating, let alone offshore racing, he is looking forward to his first experiences in a field so different from his regular job of engineering big scale industrial sites.

Please, welcome Bernard!

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