Monday, June 2, 2008

We are on our way

0600, 2 June 2008, 22N35, 157W15, C024M, S6.6, motor sailing with one reef still in and 115% jib.

Started out yesterday, exactly on schedule, at 1600. Put a reef in and started motor sailing hard to weather in 20 knots of wind. Shut down the engine and unfurled the jib about an hour later and were making 6-7 knots close hauled into 18-20 knots of wind. Wind really erratic. Ran into a little zero wind hole around midnight.

Looks like we've covered about 76 KM so far.


Bryan said...

What kind of distance are you hoping to cover every day to make your goal time?

Chris Doutre said...

Bill, and crew,

Congratulations, you're off and running, er, beating. I'm still marveling at your lengthy to-do list. You have achieved a tremendous amount of preparation. Well done. Regarding today's blog entry, please clarify if you meant to say 76 kilometers, or 76 nautical miles. I've been looking at today's grib and it looks fantastic. Fingers crossed for more of the same. Fair winds and following seas.

-- Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill (and crew!)

Have a great trip!

Silas & Edie

katie naylor said...

good luck on the trip! thanx for the updates.... so cool to read...