Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jan's Painting By Words:

Thank you everyone for your blogs! I will respond to them within a few days, and also see if I can figure out how to post photos.

The second night's sunset was as wonderful as the first. Little poofs of clouds, one at a time, floated past the sun during its descent. One cloud, bigger than the rest and composed of (about) 78 fluffy cotton balls, paused in front of the sun. This created sun beams in all directions. Breathtaking! Then, it was back to the little poofs of clouds, when POOF! The sun was gone! (I guess that's what little poof of clouds do.)
At this time of night I seem to notice the horizon line changing. Somehow, it is more pronounced, a contrast between ocean and sky. Surprisingly, it doesn't look flat, like I've visualized it before. Sitting in the princess chair, it is a slight curve and my eyes can follow it all around the boat, back to the beginning. The seas have gotten darker. It feels like a huge watery circle with us in the middle. We aren't moving, but the HUGE water disk is transporting us to San Francisco.
By the way, there were millions of stars in the second night.
I'm getting better at avoiding these waves splashing in my face! This particularly aggressive wave sent a huge splash. I turned my face away just in time for it to land, wasted, on the backside of my hooded 'REI Arc'teryx Gortex' waterproof jacket. I shook my fist at the wave and shouted, "You tried your best! I'm in control now! Bring it on!" BIG MISTAKE!!! No sooner had I turned around, the next wave got me! Drenched my face, glasses and all down the inside front of my jacket. Now, waves do talk, because I surely heard it laugh as it rolled out of sight, "Ha Ha Ha . . . ha ha ha . . . ha-a-a-aaaa!"

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Dawna said...

Hi Jan,
Wow! I get on the blog, and there's another "paint by words" greeting! I sure am enjoying your stories, and it's so great to be communicating in some way. You do a super job of story-telling.
I also enjoyed seeing the morning picture of you and Chuck. It brings back memories of times we have spent together on your boat.
I have a little story to tell you. On Sunday night (June 1, the day you left Hawaii), I was having a rough time trying to sleep. It was like I was somehow inter-connected with you and Chuck, but could only guess what you were doing at the time. Some words came into my head that I thought were concerning you and Chuck. Still unable to sleep, I got up and wrote down the words:
"As dreams and the unknown future unfold into new present realities, the unwritten pages of time, one by one, are filled with new memories; and discoveries, unexplainable by mere words, enrich your soul and lay the stepping stones for future paths as still not fully understood or known."
I also wrote down the date and time - June 2, 2008 (Mon.) 2:45am, and in Hawaii time it was Sunday June 1 at 8:45pm. Little did I know that you were nearing the end of your first watch at that very moment. (end of story)
It sounds like you're doing really well and "soaking" it all in. I am so excited for you, and have been sharing your adventure with several friends from work.
Love, Dawna