Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday, 15 June 2008

0600 position, 38N22 132W25 C085M S6.5, APP WND 300 S18.6

We have come 140 Nm in the last 24 hours and we have 470 Nm to go.

It is looking good for a Wednesday arrival.

Responding to Chris' comment to yesterdays blog. Right on. The weather prediction (even in some of it's finer details) seems to have been designed just to give us a nice ride into SF. Yesterday's GRIB for the next four day's run was a little intimidating at first. Starting at 20 knots where we were located but increasing steadily toward SF, 25-30-35......... But the next day's map shows the intensity starting down (but still 20 at our new location). Same thing for the day after and the day after that. Twenty knots all the way. Talk about "Intelligent Design" Somebody is looking out for us.

Ulli's program, Cirrugator, shows us home in 3 days. Problem is that the program doesn't know that there 6-8 foot seas, we have two reefs in the main and a half furled jib.

As I write this the wind is pushing back up to 23-24-... Something we are no longer happy to see. Twenty is plenty. Twenty three is half again as punishing, and 25 is twice as fierce (SINCE IT GOES LIKE THE CUBE).


Valerie said...

Hang on tight - think of it as an E-ticket ride.
Be safe and warm.

Kimmerie said...

Happy Father's Day, Bill!!!!
love, Kimmerie, Brian, & Nicholas Edward