Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tina's Thoughts

This morning, Weds, the cry went up, "FISH". Sure enough Jan's efforts paid off when Chuck flung aboard a 2 1/2 foot maui maui. Jan is a pro at cleaning fish and soon we were eating a delicious lunch of fresh baked fish, mashed potatoes, and fancy chocolate for dessert. LIFE IS GOOD!
We appreciate the responses to the blog but can not always reply due to the limitations of the sailmail system, or rather my ability to utilize it.
Currently we have returned to our ol' familiar starboard tack to head further North. The 4-6 hour on port tack was quite disorienting. Not just extremely bumpy, but everything was reversed. We have to brace ourselves on the head or slide off. Cooking dinner required the safety strap. Steering took a while to adjust, up wind is now down wind, etc. Worse of all, I reexperienced Mal de Mer due to the rough conditions. Theoretically one is suppose to get their sea legs by the third day out. Theories, ah! C'est la vie.
One of the great things about being aboard Cirrus is getting to hang out with Bill. He is amazing. Bill easily identified the lights of a passing ship as a tug with a tow. He later commented that after all he did have a 100 ton master captain's license and had to learn lights. Yes, but what is so amazing is that he can remember them. We are all benefiting from the daily mini celestial navigation lessons.
I'm really enjoying my responsibilities aboard. Bill expects me to drive the boat as I see fit, which includes making decisions. Of course big changes are always discussed. Gee, it's like he actually thinks I know what I'm doing. And after 6000 blue water miles, maybe I do. Last night on my 9-12 watch I was thrilled when a few stars came out to provide a sense of direction. Such simple things are a gift at sea. I promise to pay more attention to the night sky once we return to land, it is so wondrous.
Take care, love to you all, Tina

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