Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

0600 position 37N46 126W21 C084M S6.8, APP WND 260 S27

We have gone 153 Nm in the last 24 Hours and have 184 Nm to go.
Two reefs in main, jib mostly furled. Beam reaching and running to try to stay out of the way of some nasty swells.
8-10 feet at least and winds often over 30 knots.

If we get in in time for the beer can race one of my crew, Daniel Langford, is looking for a ride. Just stop by Cirrus and pick him up. What the heck, I might be looking for a ride myself.

Looks like the tide at the Golden Gate on Wednesday could not be more perfect. A flood starting at 0837, peaking at 3.5 knots at 1145 and lasting until 1506. Hope we make that window.

What a textbook delivery. This is exactly what the Pacific cup racers can expect on their return trip. Up to 40 North and through the high into a week long drive back into the Bay Area. The first part pretty easy, the last part a bit tougher; windy, bumpy, overcast and cold.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tina.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Tina, Happy Birthday to you.

I just got back from a 4 day camp in Trinity County. Nobody there but us campers: Dylan, Jamie, Russ, John and myself. Nice and peacefull.

See you tomorrow. I can't wait. Any requests for re-entry? Food, libations?

Love, Jim

Put me on the call list:
cell phone 707-484-5567

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tina!!!! good job all, on a super delivery! lots of love Lindsey girl & Donna

Valerie said...

Nothing like getting beaten up on your birthday, Tina. Certainly a memorable one and I hope a very happy one. Best wishes, appreciations and admiration! Aloha, Valerie