Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pacific Cup website mirrors the Cirrus blog

The Pacific Cup website mirrors the Cirrus blog in their "From our Racers" column. Cirrus is the only boat being shown there. Where are the others?

Does anyone know about other boats being en-route, and if they blog do you know their blog address?



Valerie said...

Ulli - if you type "blog" into the search line on the site you get some links. Not much activity yet of any moment which is why, I suspect they are running Cirrus on page one

EVK4 said...

it's because you're posting more than the others. There are only a few with the proper RSS feed for Michael to pick up (Oceanaire, Elise, and one other I think). Since we're not in the middle of the ocean we don't have as much to say yet.