Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

[Note from ulli: posts went to the wrong blog; just quickly corrected and now need to go back to the TV : Swiss is leading Turkey 1 to nothing in the European Championship!]

0600 position, 37N54 142W15 C346M S6.7, APP WND 067 S17

It was a SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW day. 58 Nm. Tacking back and forth into 20-28 knot winds 6-8 foot seas with one reef in the main and a half furled jib. Not a whole lot of fun. In addition the autopilot is getting cranky and we have to steer a lot.

If someone wants to do a little research they could call Raymarine and ask what the trouble might be when the unit begins to fail more and more often, with the message "DRIVESTOP". The manual says to check the position sensor. Looks OK. The control unit is a ST6001+, The course computer is their biggest and best, the drive is the biggest linear electric ram. I wonder if the drive unit is just getting old and tired.

The crew is doing well. What a bunch of troopers for a group of first time ocean crossers.

Yesterdays big adventure was pouring 8 jerry cans of fuel into the tank that we had been using. A lot of work in the bumpy conditions. We managed to do it without spilling a drop. Well, maybe one drop.

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check the Cirrugator-Demo: shows nicely why Bill is taking a detour