Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jan's Paint By Words - Monday, June 16, 2008 at 4:46 pm

Thank you every one for your e-mails. Nice to hear from you Linda. Dawna, I've done the first one on page 28. Julie and Josh, Chuck says thanks for the Happy Fathers Day wish. Thank you Susan, Doug and Kris for watching over our boat. Thank you Susan for the loan of towels, clothes pins, socks and boots. They are coming in handy. Thank you Tod and Sherry for watering my plants.
As I write this, we are less than 300 miles from land! Yee Haw!!! Cirrus seems to know, as she has picked up some speed and feels more determined!
"Sleep! I need Sleep!" continued. . .
Making the bed. I was going to go into minute detail, but I decided not to put YOU to sleep. So, short version. . . I've been using a lee cloth, which keeps me from perclunking onto the floor. With the boat rocking and rolling, I make my bed one handed; the other hand is holding on for dear life. The red night light doesn't light up my bed, so to add to the challenge, I do it in the dark!
My sleeping bag is big, warm, fluffy and flannel. It's like being in heaven, once I finally get in it. As I settle for the night, (one hour after getting off watch) the lee cloth cradles me, the sleeping bag cuddles and warms me, I start to relax and then start my next exercise program: Jello aerobics.
As I have mentioned before, this boat never stops moving. Laying in bed, my body starts moving in time with the boat: up, down, forward, backward, sideways, sideways, pauses, suspended in air, dropping, etc. It actually is quite relaxing. As my muscles let go, I turn into Jello and soon I am . . . zzzzzzzzz. . .


Julie F said...

Well I never thought jello would relate to sleep, but you've proven me wrong. Can't wait to here from you when you get back in town. I've wanted to call you a few times and didn't realize how much we talked until you were gone on your trip. Did I tell you Christina has a new apartment. She moved all her things last weekend. It's a two bedroom apartment in Kent...way better than her last one. Well it's back to work for me. I'm at the station got to get a few things done before lunch:).
Josh and the dogs say hi.


Dawna said...

Hi Jan,
This will probably be my last blog to you, because by the time you read this, you'll be almost there! Yippeeee!!!! Then the next contact will be by phone. Bill mentioned making cell phone calls on the approach to the Golden Gate, so if you will be making calls as well at that time, please call me. I'll have my cell phone on, and will be anxiously awaiting your call.
WOW!!! You've come so far, and now the goal is within your grasp. How exciting for you!! That will be so cool reaching the Golden Gate.
I enjoyed your last "paint by words". Sleeping can be such an ordeal. And Jello aerobics - that's a new one. Then again, there have been several new things along the "paint by word" trail.
Looking forward to talking with you soon.
Love, Dawna