Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jan's Paint By Words Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 4:46 pm

You may be wondering. . . Isn't Jan scared? Trapesing across the big ocean in a little boat. She's never done that before.
Well, the answer is yes, I've had my moments. Anytime I do something that I've never done before, I have little twinges of fear. (ok, sometimes BIG twinges of fear!) Sometimes to learn, I have to step out of my comfort zone.
Part of overcoming fear is having confidence. First of all, I CAN DO IT!
I also have confidence in our crew, knowing that when they are on watch, they are giving it their all. Any one of us is willing to hop out of bed the moment we are needed.
Having trust in Cirrus is one of the most important confidences. Cirrus is strong and proven.
The most important, is to have confidence in our Skipper. Cirrus will not sail by herself. Bill is very knowledgeable, strong, experienced, a good problem solver, patient, and a good teacher and story teller. He is the greatest!

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Dawna said...

Hi Jan,
I loved your latest "paint by words", the one about overcoming fear by having confidence (in you, the crew, Cirrus, and Bill who certainly does sound like he's the greatest). You were honest, and you explained it all so well. Truth be known, part of the reason that I have been on the blog so much (besides the fact that you are my super sister and best friend) is that I have had my own concerns, and it is comforting to have communication and hear how you are doing.
I also know what it's like to "step out of your comfort zone", and am whole-heartedly behind you all the way! You are an encouragement to me, and to others, for sure.
Love, Dawna