Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, 16 June 2008

0600 position 38N11 129W35 C060M S7.1, APP WND 284 S20.4, seas 4-6 feet, overcast.

We went 133 Nm in the last 24 hours and have 337 Nm to go. Noon (or later Wednesday looks good. Two more nights.

Let's hear it for the provisioning team. Tina with serious help from Donna and Lindsey and probably others has done a fantastic job of stocking the boat for this delivery trip.

And for the race, the next delivery, the race after that and for future adventures as yet undreamed of.

Many of you know that my provisioning style involves six tote boxes strapped down on the starboard bench in the main cabin. Then we put some water bottles behind the benches, some frozen stuff in the reefer and some perishables forward in picnic coolers. This time there were 3 coolers instead of 2 and an extra tote box just floating around. I'm still sleeping with a bag of Krustez Buttermilk Pancake Mix big enough to serve as the grand prize at a rodeo.

Well. We have managed to put a dent in the frozen stuff, but the reefer is still almost full to the top. When I was looking in the tote boxes for a place to put some crackers I found there wasn't any. I know we have been using things so there must be space somewhere. Actually, the tote boxes are still full because they were packed so densely and now they have been stirred up. The coolers forward are mostly empty except for tons of chips and crackers. There is a bucket half full of grapefruit and another of apples. All of which seem to be keeping well. I'm told there are a couple watermelons somewhere. My guess is that the race crew will do a better job of finishing off the supplies.

Because of the difficult conditions that have prevailed since the last tack a lot of the food prep has fallen to the skipper. This has resulted in several interesting - if not to say "unique" - presentations. Yesterday for example. Lunch was 2-3 cans of green beans cooked in 2-3 cans of clam chowder. Magnifique! Dinner a simple - yet elegant - roasted tri-tip steak with mashed potatoes (Powdered) prepared by simply by pouring the powder into a boiling pot of peas. There was general agreement that both meals served to maintain the standard that people have have come to expect.


Anonymous said...

Lunch: Fruits de mer haricots vert!

Anonymous said...

OK - two comments from me as I am logging on between meetings. You should rename your style of all ingredients at once cooking - I recommend "Palindrome Cuisine" given the current sea state.

Rick Barlow said...

Nerds Rule!