Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morning report - Tuesday June 3

0600, 3 June 2008, 24N49, 156W13, C016M, S7.4, one reef still in and 115% jib.

Covered about 140 Nm in the last 24 hours. Moving along.

Yesterday was a typical Cirrus day. Close reaching into 18-20 kt wind. About noon the boom brake fell off. The pin had come out of the shackle. The shackle itself was still hanging from the boom, the brake was on the deck and the shackle pin was resting against the leeward toe rail. A quarter in from the ocean. So, we put it back together. We'll keep an eye on it.

As I write this, today's adventure is already behind us (I hope). When I started the engine this morning to charge the batteries (and computer and palm pilot and backup battery and ipod)the engine belt driving the alternator slipped and started to melt filling the cabin with smoke. (Practice fire drill.) Installed a new belt. Those of you out there thinking of replacing your wimpy alternator with something bigger take note.

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Chris Doutre said...

Hi Bill,

Judging from Jan's comment, can we assume that the new remote control for the autopilot is pulling its weight?