Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tina's Two Cents

I love this boat. Cirrus is as happy to be at sea as I am. Donna Austin's description that Cirrus just lays over and goes is PERFECT. This boat even does 5 knots in only 8 knots of wind, which I think is remarkable for such a heavy displacement boat. Cirrus goes to weather so ladylike, no pounding or fussing. It's a joy to be aboard.
Tonight in 10 knots of wind, making dinner was very comfortable down below. Again thanks to Donna and her amazing daughter Lindsey, we feasted on CostCo's finest - pot roast, noodles, & green beans. Their expertise on provisioning and galley management has been invaluable. We are all very grateful for Donna and Lindsey's four solid days of hard work spent shopping, hauling, packing, freezing, stowing so that we can eat this well. They are so generous with their time and energy.
Bill and I are already discussing how to reprovision the boat for the race. I suggested just flying Donna and Lindsey over San Francisco to help. I don't think he's going for it.(Let them eat Spam?)
We saw the fabled Green Flash tonight at sunset. This night's watch promises a starry sky with Cheshire cat smile of a moon. Love to all, Tina

1 comment:

Ulli said...

S P A M ? On Cirrus ????

gosh, for a moment I thought you were serious! What a shock; Tina, you ought to be careful with such remarks; people are sensitive and this really goes down to the bones.

Heavens forbid, the mere thought of spam on Cirrus gives me the shudders. As you are probably experiencing right now, lounging on one of the upper, forward sun decks of Cirrus, with a Mai Tai in your hand, nibbling on some fresh, chilled fruit, the way you sail on Cirrus is one of style. The dinners are part of the style - they always were, and the will always be!

After all, this is what hard working crews deserve!