Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jan's Painting By Words: 3

During my watch last night, the sun sizzled out at 7:11 pm. The first stars twinkled on at 7:49 pm. By 8:20 pm, the stars were out in all their glory! When the sun sizzled into the ocean, it made such a huge hole that an hour and a half later the new moon fell right into it!
Not all of the waves are out to get me. Most of them just pass by, waving merrily. (I guess that's why they are called 'waves'). It is really interesting to watch how Cirrus handles each wave. Each one is different and Cirrus knows exactly what to do and she does it so smoothly! What a great boat!
This morning on my watch, one wave took its job seriously. It slammed the starboard hull and made a boom, loud enough to get Bill's attention. He came up the companion way and asked if the shrouds and the sails were ok, of which they were, because that wave was only after me. I did manage to duck, but I swear, that wave dumped a whole 5 gallon bucket of water on my head!
If you have a queasy stomach, you might want to stop reading here. I'm going to talk about sea-sick-ness. Are you still reading? Well . . . I warned you!
Bill and Dan don't seem to have any problems, but Tina, Chuck and I have had our spells. We aren't 'sick as dogs', but we have our moments.
Throwing up on a boat that is constantly moving and heeled to port at 20 to 40 degrees is indeed a challenge.
In my opinion, the hardest way is to throw up is over the boat side. For sure, not over the starboard side - the wind would blow it back and I'd much rather have a wave in my face, for sure, for sure.
Now, port side is a little easier. One practically has to lay down for it. With the body more or less straight, it gives more power for the previously consumed escapees and they get projected quite a ways out into the ocean. There is also quite an echo of all the accompanying belching music.
Cup-of-Soups are quite tasty and really hit the spot going down. When they don't stay down very long, they taste exactly the same coming up!
I was sitting in the cockpit one morning when Chuck came up the companion way carrying a whole serving of chicken noodle cup-of-soup in a Ziploc baggy. I asked him why he made his soup in a zippy? He just looked at me and proceeded to pour it overboard. It appears that the best way to throw up on a constantly moving boat is into a zippy!
I hope I didn't gross anyone out too much, but, after all, I warned you.


Valerie said...

Looks like Ulli has taken control of the blog as evidenced by:
"Geposted van cirrus unter 10:56 0 kommentare"

Sounds like all are surviving and doing well. Keep up the good work.

Job fair went well at KYC tonight. Fun and lots of energy and interest.

ulli said...

Believe me, if I had taken control of the blog you would not find any machine translated pseudo German with two errors in four words! The blog language was and still is set to English.
Please direct any further complaints directly to Google!

To Jan and the other "Zippies": Be confident, this part of the experience will be over soon!

Dawna said...

Hi Jan,
It's great to see another one of your "paint by words"...I LOVE them! I had to REALLY laugh when you told the story about Chuck and his zippy soup. Good thing he threw it out, or you might have thought he was bringing it for you. Yuck, that would have grossed me out, for sure.
Love, Dawna