Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday, 12 June 2008

0600 p0sition, 40N11 141W14 C003M S7.2, APP WND 029 S15

motor sailing with 1 reef in main and full jib.

We have 886 Nm to go. That is only 51 Nm closer than we were yesterday.
We're having a tough time getting across this HIGH. Wind right on the nose. Have to aim at Alaska or Mexico. Cirrugator says Alaska is the better pick so that is what we are doing.

A little squeak and a little stink when starting the engine. Shut it down and tightened the belt a bit. Constant vigilance.

Well, that wasn't so hard. We had just about given up on the autopilot when Chris sent a note that the factory service people suggested, "A temporary fix to the problem is to rap gently but solidly on the chrome ring that
surrounds the drive unit with a mallet." That is to say....... "Hit it a rap with a hammer." You guessed it. It started working again. None the less I'll probably try to get the drive serviced in SF since it still is a little erratic.

The weather maps and Ulli's routing program "Cirrugator" clearly indicate that we need to keep on plugging northeast for another day. That way, when we tack, it'll be a sled ride down into SF. Tacking sooner would probably result in our having to pinch up at some point to lay the Golden Gate.

I could use a little more shore support. We would like a schedule of tidal currents at the Golden Gate for Tuesday and Wednesday and maybe Thursday (at the rate we are going) June 17-19. Don't need tide, only current. Only a schedule of floods and ebbs.


Anonymous said...

Bill & crew. I think this is the info you wanted.
Jim Crabtree

17 June 2008 - 19 June 2008
San Francisco Bay Entrance (Golden Gate), California Current
37.8167° N, 122.4833° W

2008-06-17 03:55 PDT -4.53 knots Max Ebb
2008-06-17 11:11 PDT 3.54 knots Max Flood
2008-06-17 16:35 PDT -1.68 knots Max Ebb
2008-06-17 22:25 PDT 2.28 knots Max Flood
2008-06-18 04:32 PDT -4.68 knots Max Ebb
2008-06-18 11:45 PDT 3.54 knots Max Flood
2008-06-18 17:08 PDT -1.74 knots Max Ebb
2008-06-18 23:01 PDT 2.30 knots Max Flood
2008-06-19 05:10 PDT -4.77 knots Max Ebb
2008-06-19 12:17 PDT 3.51 knots Max Flood
2008-06-19 17:45 PDT -1.82 knots Max Ebb
2008-06-19 23:38 PDT 2.28 knots Max Flood

Paul Disario said...

I started looking for the tables and see you have already been helped. Good luck

Paul Disario
Plus Sixteen

Anonymous said...

From the one time I crossed the Pacific, the last leg was the hardest - can't get there fast enough, can't wait for a shower, etc, etc. but it wil be over before you know it! Keep your eye on the ball (and the increasing vessel traffic), stay focused, and keep up the good work! (and catch more fish!) Safe travels

Silas & Edie