Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lunch time excitement.

Just as I was sitting down to a four course lunch, and before I'd even had a chance to sample the elegantly simple chilled tomato-celery soup, a cry went up, "Freighter on the port beam collision course!"

Well, if it isn't one thing it's another. In the course of a chat with the watch officer on the freighter he suggested that he could change course and pass behind us. To which I readily agreed. They were, at the time, only about a mile away. It is really bumpy and even at that short distance the ship would sometimes disappear behind a wave. So, it was nice to know they were looking out for us.

On another subject. Comments to the blog come to us by email but we are not able to answer back with another comment. To reply we have to look up your email address and send a separate reply. Conditions being what they are, beating to weather in winds often over 20 kt., we do not always get around to replying. But, but, but.....We love to hear from you and encouragement is always welcome.


Anonymous said...

It's a crowded ocean out there, but what a gorgeous day. Take care and keep your eyes peeled.

Silas and Edie

P.S. In keeping with the practice of the day, no reply needed to us - EVER.

Valerie said...

And we love hearing from you. You may not realize how even snippets make us happy...

Ulli said...

That thing was disappearing behind a wave? Man, it 's gotta be really bumpy out there. How is the crew doing - any fish feeding activities?