Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jan's Paint By Words Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Everyone on board is required to do an exercise program. It is not elective. It is mandatory! We all must do it. We can't sluff off and only do a little. The exercises include, stretching, stair stepping, reaching, grabbing, steering, clambering about like a goat on a steep cliff, bumping legs, stubbing toes and even sleeping. This exercise program started Sunday, June 1st at 4 pm and goes 24/7 until we reach San Francisco.
When the boat is at a constant heel, day and night, even simple things like putting your pants on, becomes an exercise routine of balance, leaning, falling over and collecting more bruises.
I'm not going to talk about using the head, but if you use your imagination . . . and multiply it by 5 1/2 . . .
No one is complaining. I am actually enjoying it. Some times, I have to laugh at some of the positions I get in. I can feel my muscles and joints getting stronger. Yee Ha !!!
The 1st week was a constant heel to port side. The last couple of days have been calmer, because we are motoring through minimum wind. We will soon be into strong wind coming for the North, so will spend the rest of the trip heeled to starboard side.
I'm looking forward to a new set of exercises (including setting up the lee cloth on my bed). I'll probably collect more bruises so I can finish the Monet paint of yellows, purples, greens, blacks and blues on my legs!

Writings from Chuck:

I Was Here

I was here. That is the mark I left.
It's probably not here any more.
It either blew away or floated away.
Take a globe and find San Francisco (it's on th 38th latitude on the West coast of the United States). Draw a line from San Francisco, west along the 38 degree line until you reach Korea. Now start at Hawaii and draw a line 45 degrees NE. Where the 2 lines cross is where I left my mark.
This is where I was on June 8, 2008.
Out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
1000 miles from anywhere; with sunny skies, warm air,
calm seas and nothing to see but water and sky.


Chris Doutre said...

Chuck's verse reminds me of the scene from Harold and Maude where Maude throws her souvenir gift into the bay. If you've seen the movie you will definitely know what I mean. Otherwise, see the movie.

And I concur with Jan: just imagine putting your pants on (overalls, with suspenders!) with one hand while holding yourself up on a climbing wall with the other. If you let go of the wall, I guarantee you a bruise.

Dawna said...

Hi Jan,
Why don't you have Chuck take pictures of you in some of those unusual exercise positions that you get yourself in. Then we can all have a good laugh. When you are heeled to starboard (I mean the boat, not YOU who will be heeled to port), does that give you the opportunity to exercise the other side of your body? You could probably sell the Monet on ebay when you're done with it. Ouch!
I really enjoyed Chuck's "I Was Here" writing. It was so peaceful, and I could feel like I was there as well.
Love, Dawna